About Us

Apparel for Those with Curves. Many women have curves and therefore the average Active leisure wear or Women's Fashions does not work for them. Some women have small waists and Large booty's, thus making it nearly impossible to find a good fit. The majority of Brands do not cater to this group, creating a need for such a thing within the industry.

ThickFit is a new line of Apparel that helps women to overcome the problem. The sizes range from XS to XL later adding more curvier sizes called Curves, allowing many to enjoy a better fit that is true to them and to their curves.

The clothes are designed to inspire women to be more active. Embrace your curves, Every woman has curves.  The ThickFit line promotes a healthy lifestyle and can be worn while in the gym, running errands, all aspects of every day and night life – all with a simple change of shoes for most styles. This makes it easier for women to be who they are while wearing comfortable clothes.

 Thick Fit Apparel Launched Nov. 17th,2017 and has already had a significant amount of success. Many people may not understand the term “Thick” is something to be proud of. And "Fit" to have balance in your lifestyle. A State of Mind, No matter what size or build a women is we all want to be Thick Fit. It is not a way of discussing weight, but rather the aesthetic of someone who is working towards set goal and looking to improve the way their body looks or be confident with their body as is. 

"Every women with curves is THICK FIT"...said by the owner, Leilani Hasan .

 ThickFit is the brand for women who are proud of their Curves, Love themselves and Confident. The website shop is where it’s possible to shop 24 hours a day and have orders shipped within two business days. Sales are available regularly, offering clothing at an affordable prices.