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About Us Questions and Answers

Q: How did you get into fashion?

A: A weight-loss challenge. Found a new love your that was active leisure wear. Which lead me to selling clothes for women who had hard time like myself fitting into clothing because of my curves. Full hips, slim torso. Didn't fit fashion or fitness well Thick Fit is the best of both worlds. For women who want it all and does it all, Comfortable, Stylish, and yet Versatile.

Q: What challenges did you face starting your own business?

A: Not to give up, go around or over the hurdles Describe your brand in 5 words: 1. Diverse 2. Bold, Edgy 3. Love your body 4. Young 5. Confident, Own It

Q: In five years I hope I am...

A: Married, new mom, successful, happy, and a philanthropist.